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International cooperation base:
  Since the establishment of (Chongqing) Automotive Technology International Cooperation Base (hereinafter referred to as the International Cooperation Base) in 2007 relying on China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CAERI), it has centered around the development planning of CAERI and the International Cooperation Base to promote international cooperation research and exchanges, actively introduce and absorb foreign advantageous technology and resources, continuously improve the technological innovation ability, and fully improve the level and scale of the international scientific and technological cooperation. At the same time, it has vigorously organized international scientific and technological activities and academic conferences, constantly improved its influence at home and abroad, and has been committed to building the International Cooperation Base into an international demonstration base serving the world so as to make greater contributions to the rapid improvement of China's automobile development technology level and the revitalization of China's automobile industry. 
  After years of cooperation and exchanges with well-known foreign enterprises and R&D institutions, the International Cooperation Base has formed its core competitiveness in gas-fired vehicles, electric vehicles, as well as energy conservation and emission reduction, and introduced and trained a large number of outstanding talent, injecting strong scientific and technological impetus into the development of China's automobile industry.
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